The Cat Pack - A farewell to our Thundercat, Starscream 2011 - 2019

Over the years Starscream became an iconic figure for Star Cadet, but more importantly, she cat-hugged her way into all heats.  She was more than just a feline, she was an emperor, a queen, a captain, a space cowboy, a luchador, and a ninja, to name a few. 

To honor her we wanted to re-release our four favorite designs of her along with some extra goodies so we can take a little bit of Starscream with us into the future.  This furry sidekick with be forever missed but never forgotten. 

Over $120.00 worth of Starscream magic for half the price at $59.99

Includes 4 crew-neck t-shirts, hand-printed and made to order plus extra goodies. 

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- All Hail Starscream -  The most iconic cat shirt with Starscream proudly wearing a gold crown adorned with rubies.  Hand printed on a white crew neck t-shirt.  Designed by Anton Gorbunov

- Lucha Cat  - Nicho Libre taking his cat-like reflexes to the extreme.  Hand-printed on a gold crew neck t-shirt. Made to order.  Designed by Anton Gorbunov

- Avenge - One of our original cat parody design with Captain America as a feline.  Hand printed on a soft cream crew neck t-shirt.  Designed by Anton Gorbunov

- Cat Commander  - A mailing list exclusive this Napolean cat-parody design was so iconic we just had to bring it out one more time.  Hand printed on a black crew neck t-shirt.   Designed by Anton Gorbunov

- Pack EXCLUSIVE & NEW Bandana with doodle reference from all our favorite videos from Olan's Youtube starring Starscream. Design By Tyler Rene-Angelo

Pack EXCLUSIVE Letter from Starscream to Hugh Jackman from CAT DAY video

- Pack EXCLUSIVE 1.25"  Button with Starscreams paw print 

- Pack EXCLUSIVE Poster card of our favorite fan art by Wiskermoon

- Pack EXCLUSIVE Kraft Single

If you want to go down memory lane here are the links to all our favorite videos.  CAT HUGCAT ALARMCAT DAYCAT COOKIECAT PACKCAT TRUST 

Please allow 10-21 business days for your package to be sent, as we individually screen print every shirt to order. If you're shopping internationally, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We also ask you to allow a little extra time during limited releases, sales, and holidays.