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The battle between man and bear is a story that's long been told. Why my grandfather used to tell me stories of how he would tussle with grizzly bears in hopes of being accepted into their sleuth. Each time got closer and closer to victory, until finally, he came across a beast so ferocious, that he never fought again. Claws that could rip through the metal in one fell swoop, teeth that could crush the bones of anyone who sought his competition, and paws so delicate that he once inadvertently baked a peach cobbler, entered it into the county fair, won second place, and then killed the other contestants in a blind rage for not winning first. My grandfather knew that life was more important than victory, and so he retired. Recently I found one of his sketches and thought it would be nice to memorialize this bear on this heather charcoal, 60% cotton, 30% recycled polyester, 10% polyester unisex hoodie with hidden pockets, metal grommets with dyed-to-match drawcords, Ribbed cuff and hem with 5% Spandex so that even in the dead of night it’s terror reigns true.

Every Battle Bear Hoodie purchase goes to help plant trees through Threadfast + One Tree Planted and is made out of sustainably sourced Cotton and recycled Polyester.

Original design by: Anton Gorbunov



BODY LENGTH 26" 27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32"
CHEST WIDTH (LAID FLAT) 17.5" 19.5" 21.5" 23.5" 25.5" 27.5" 29.5"
SLEEVE LENGTH 31" 31.5" 32" 32.5" 33" 34.5" 35"

Please allow 10-21 business days for your package to be sent, as we individually screen print every shirt to order. If you're shopping internationally, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We also ask you to allow a little extra time during limited releases, sales, and holidays.